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Good day,

I would like ask you if is it possible use actions with type Action.Http in Teams AdaptiveCards. Do you plan support them. I am using Teams for notifications from Business Central. Everything works perfectly exclude actions with mentioned type. These actions are not displays in Teams. I would like use them for some REST API actions connected with system. I really missed this functionality.

Do you have some substitution that can call REST API with method POST, filled Request body and request header, and can be called ?


Thank you for your response.

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We will check on it and get back to you.

@fidoslav - Please refer below docs:
Overview of Universal Actions for Adaptive Cards - Teams | Microsoft Docs
Universal Actions in Adaptive Cards on Microsoft Teams - Microsoft 365 Developer Blog


Prasad Das


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Thank you that you sent me the link. If I understand correctly it is not possible without bot?
Thank you that you sent me link. I know this link and more from Microsoft. My question is I can't use HTTP action now. I can use only bots and existing actions?
Second question is if you plat support HTTP action in Team in future?

These is no such ETA or Plan to share as of now when it is going to be supported.