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I support a school district that uses Surface Pros. When wiping or re-deploying device, some Surfaces don't wipe and there are different icons on the top right of the screen. 

Can you please explain what these are and if there are any other variations?


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Nancy Mendoza

Tustin Unified School District


icon.jpgicon 2.jpgicon 3.jpg

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First Icon: This usually appears when you tell your system to restart into the UEFI (From Setting - System - Recovery - Advanced Startup - UEFI Firmware settings). After restarting and getting into the UEFI, this icon will appear.


Second Icon: It shows some issues with your Hard disk. After wiping the device with the Microsoft surface data eraser tool, I have seen this icon. Please visit this post for more information about how to solve it: Microsoft Surface Recovery Image Failed - Microsoft Community


Third Icon: It is the default UEFI icon if you enter it with a key combination (For Surface Pro 8, for example, it is volume up during a restart)


I hope this help.


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