Surface Pro 3 Screen Issue

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Hello everyone,


Tried Searching, and Googled several possible variants of what could describe my issue, but none have been found which has brought me to sign up here and post this. Thank you in advance to those who read and provide input, as I fear the worst and that my Surface Pro 3 - which I haven't used rigorously, or frequently - has failed me.


The issue is simply the fact that when I touch the screen, or tap the screen using the pen... the screen flickers and turns off. I press the power button and it comes back on to the lock screen, and i swipe up to get rid of the random picture to reveal the desktop, and the moment I touch or tap with my finger or pen, it turns off again.


I've tried desktop and tablet screen modes to no avail. I've tried removing the keyboard and using it as a tablet to no avail. the only way it works is if I strictly use the keyboard without pen or touch input, and use ALT+TAB, TAB order, and ALT KEY combinations, to navgiate all the windows and dialog boxes to accomplish things.


If there is a known issue with this, please englighten me as to a Microsoft white paper, or whether this is covered under some defective recall? I have already resigned myself to the fact that this is totally hooped and in order to fix it, I'll have to replace the entire screen which is no doubt will be expensive to deem it unworthy of ressurection. In any case, I look forward to any and all input, and hope that there is a way to save the day.


Thank you so much everyone, and Happy 4th to our neighbors to the south (I am Canadian).



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I had a Surface Pro 3 for a couple of years (I have a SP4 now) and several of my staff did to - and we've never had an issue like this.
You could try to remove the firmware for the screen as perhaps this has been corrupted which has led to the strange behaviour, otherwise you will need to log a support request with Microsoft and troubleshoot with them or get it fixed either under warranty or out of pocket.
Sorry that doesn't help much.