Important Updates on the Surface Hub Windows 10 Team 2020 Update

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Today, we wanted to share some important information on the progress of the Windows 10 Team 2020 Update which started to roll out on October 27, 2020.


First, we would like to thank all the customers who have taken advantage of the opportunity to update their Surface Hub 2S devices using either Windows Update or Windows Update for Business, and more importantly, we would like to thank them for the valuable feedback they have provided on the update process.


To date, we have 70% of all eligible devices in the Phase 1 and 2 regions updated. While the majority of these devices were updated successfully, we have received feedback from a small number of customers who have encountered post-install issues. To ensure that we deliver an update experience of the highest quality, we have taken two important actions:

  • We have created a summary of the current list of known issues, solutions and remediations for transparency and to assist your team in diagnosing and resolving issues.
  • Phase 1 and 2 were released per the schedule below and continue to be live. Phase 3 and 4 are scheduled to be available in late February 2021. 





October 2020

NZ, Australia, Canada, Belgium, Mexico


November 2020

UK, Japan, Switzerland, Italy


Late February 2021

US, Germany


Late February 2021



Customers in all regions can continue to update their Surface Hub 2S devices using Windows Update for Business or using the Bare Metal Recovery image. For specific instructions on using Windows Update for Business to manage updating your devices, please refer to the Surface Hub Admin Guide. We recommend reviewing the known issues list as part of building your update plan.


We know that most of our customers require the Windows 10 Team 2020 Update for their 1st-generation Surface Hubs (55” and 84”) to fully update their entire fleet of devices. We continue to make progress on finalizing this release and will share more details as they become available.


Keeping customers secure is our priority. Surface Hub was built with security at the forefront and we will be actively monitoring new threats for applicability on Surface Hub. For customers who are in a state of transition between Windows 10 Team Edition version 1703 and 20H2, we will ensure those customers remain secure by extending support for Windows 10 Team Edition version 1703 through March 16, 2021.


We are committed to delivering the best quality update experience across all Surface Hub devices and to provide transparency on changes to our currently published plan as required. To that end, we will provide another update on December 18, 2020, available here



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Thanks @Yoav Barzilay  - where can we find that known issues list you mention?

This known issues list seems to be for the preview build: Known issues: Windows 10 Team 2020 Update - Surface Hub | Microsoft Docs

Is there one for the GA build, that you refer to above?


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@Yoav Barzilay My organization is one of the affected by the issues with the RTM release of Windows 10 Team 2020, and we have escalated our issues through the appropriate channels, including through our rep.  While I am appreciative of the news, MS has yet to produce an updated issues list.  I'd like to see that posted ASAP, since we have 24 impacted Surface Hub 2S units, so I can present this to my Infrastructure Director.


@imatt2009 The list of known issues is referenced to in the blog. It's the one in @Mark Licinio 's comment above.


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@Yoav Barzilay Thanks. It wasn't available yesterday, when I posted. About an hour later, it finally appeared.  


I must also say---the level of support from PSS--with regards to Windows 10 Team--is just simply nonexistent.  Does anyone outside of the Surface group acknowledge that Windows 10 Team Edition is NOT the same as Windows 10 Desktop?  I've been spinning my wheels with support for over a month.  For one of my tickets--the support person called me out for not having SCCM Management tools installed on the Surface Hub.  She truly couldn't understand when I told her that the management tools are built-in and that "normal" Windows applications can't be installed on Windows 10 Team Edition.

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"To that end, we will provide another update on December 18, 2020"


Waiting for the update. I am to deliver a project with 50 Surfacehub2 next month. Configuring starting next week.


One of the key selling point was the new OS. 


@Yoav Barzilay @Morten Hennum Larsen @Anders Bech 

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Found another potential issue - Calendar items drop off of the home screen at meeting start time, and no longer appear to remain for the duration of the scheduled meeting time.


@David Phillips This issue was resolved with the December update (KB4592438). 

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Has phase 3 resumed yet? Have their been any other updates released on the status of this?

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90% of my devices are still not updating.

What's going on? Is there another delay?

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@Yoav Barzilay Thanks a lot - I've just been looking at the official documentation.

It really gets complicated if there a 7 cross pages / blog entries ;)

Highly appreciate your help 

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