Whiteboard sharing on Surface Hub "Something went wrong. Please try again."

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See two attached screenshots, one is from a 55" and the other an 84" surface hub. We really want this to work, but can't seem to get it going. We can make it work between two Surface Pros or Studios running Windows 10, with bi-directional screen/drawing capability. It is awesome, just need it to work on the Surface Hub as well! Thanks. Anyone else having this issue? 


It happens right after clicking the icon in the top right, looks like a person with a plus sign. Then click start sharing session, then presented this error.   Behavior was identical on both of these units. 


Dialog box title:   Collaborate now with Surface Hub

Error is:   Something went wrong. Please try again. 



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I also have a ticket in with MS, just created. I just wanted to see if the community had seen anything like this before as well, and hope to share the resolution/information with you all when I find it as well.

Seems like you are trying to use two different Whiteboard versions to set up a collaboration session, which will not work. Collaboration works like this:


Whiteboard to Whiteboard (Hub to Hub only, see this documentation)


Whiteboard Preview to Whiteboard Preview (Windows 10 to Windows 10 - including Hub) Documentation is here, but since you managed to set up a collaboration session between two W10 PC's, I assume you already enabled the service in your tenant.

Cross-collaboration between the two versions of the Whiteboard will not work as they have different infrastructure in the background. The Preview version will eventually replace the current Whiteboard on the Hub.


To get a collaboration session between a W10 PC and the Hub, you will need to install the Whiteboard Preview App and use that on the Hub and the W10 PC as well. 

Yup, Ervin has this bang on.

The currently installed version on Surface Hub only supports Hub to Hub collaboration.

The Whiteboard Preview app (that can also be installed) supports collaboration on all Windows 10 devices.


The White Board Preview requires multiple devices to sign in to a Microsoft account. Can this be used in an on-prem environment. 

Hi Chris


See the answer below from the Whiteboard Preview product page:

What account do I need to use Microsoft Whiteboard Preview?
You can start using the Microsoft Whiteboard Preview to ink, scribble, or draw without signing up for an account. To save your boards, you must log in with a Microsoft account (Outlook, Hotmail, Live, Xbox, etc.) or an Office 365 account (personal, work, or school). To work with others, at least one participant must log in with an Office 365 account (personal, work, or school).