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I can't find the ink beautification button for the Whiteboard App on Windows 10, I am not using the app on a surface device, so it may not be in the right section, but I'm hoping somebody can tell me why it's not working or how to get it working.

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@Jason2220 - see the attached image below


if your WB app in Win10 doesn't work, just re-install or repair it



@Jon Calutan yea I can't find that button, I've reinstalled the app twice.Annotation 2019-12-10 235508.png



It does look like the app has reinstalled from the cache instead of re-downloading, .. Have you tried updating the app? please check your version ? -  its under the About menu option.


19.11125.4599 is the latest version.


If your not on that one try going to store, then ... (see more) and downloads and updates, then click Get Updates.


Good luck and let us know how you get on :cat_face:‍:motorcycle:



@Iain Fielding sorry for taking some time to reply, was slightly busy with some stuff.

I checked, and it would seem that I am on the latest version, 19.11125.4599Capture.JPG



Got the same issue here. Latest version, beautification not usable !

I have the same problem. I have two Windows 10 laptops - one corporate and one personal. I updated both laptops with the latest windows updates and installed the Whiteboard app from the Windows store on both. On my corporate PC the Ink beautification feature is present and works. On my personal laptop the ink beautification feature does not appear. Is there some privacy setting or other setting that it depends on in order to show up?

@Iain Fielding Still waiting for any update on the button missing...

@Altacry  what version of the app do you now have.. ?



So I don't know :( .. but some things you might want to consider trying :-     

<<deleting app data will reset settings for that application from your device.. make sure you understand the implications of that before proceeding>> 


1) Reset Whiteboard ... 

Go to Apps & Features, find Microsoft Whiteboard, select Microsoft Whiteboard then choose advanced options, then try Resetting the application.


2) Uninstall and Reinstall

Repeat steps in 1 but chose uninstall instead of reset.. then reboot, then go to the windows store and install the application again.


3) Reset Windows Store and Reinstall Whiteboard

Similar process as one but uninstall whiteboard, then reset the windows store, reboot, then install the whiteboard app again... 


If all these fail then i'm out of ideas :sad:

I've just reinstalled windows and formatted all disks and still can't find the beautification button lmao. I'm giving up.
Is there a possibility that my system is in Italian? I mean: the fact that my system language is not English may be a factor?
Mine is in English and still does not show (even after reinstalling windows).


Is it possible that the feature is not available in the Home version of Windows 10?  My Windows 10 Home laptop doesn't show the button, but my Windows 10 Enterprise laptop does show it.

Actually, I have Home version too...


Not sure. I have the Edu edition and it does not work. Edu edition supposedly has all the enterprise features.

That seems to be the most probable answer.
Asked my friend with an old Surface and Windows PRO to install Whiteboard: he does have the Beautification Button.

I have Windows Pro on a Surface 5 and I dont have this button.