SH1 Error retrieving scheduled meetings when login




We have a few surface hubs in the office. When a user signing in to view their calendar, they cannot view meeting entries and display an error retrieving scheduled meetings. 



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Hello @AusSupport180 ,


The process relies on Graph Explorer - Microsoft Graph to pull a user's scheduled meetings. This only works if the mailbox is hosted in O365.

If the users mailboxes are hosted online, can you ask them to login to Graph Explorer - Microsoft Graph and run "my events for the next week" under Outlook Calendar? Check if there are any differences from a desktop vs Surface Hub Edge browser.


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Hi Cezar,

I did on my computer with that user and no issues with Graph Explorer. Do I need to run this from SH as well?

This is not happening all the time. Same surface hub at the same time someone else can logging and can retrieve the calendar successfully?

So only specific users are not able to retrieve the calendar from the Surface Hub or does it work intermittently for them?

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Work Intermittently. I’ll run Graphs Explore on Surface hub check let you know.

Is there any event or log to find this ?

@aussupport Please find the attached error when run the Graph Explore with the account. But same time other users can login without any errors? 


User specific or calendar permission issue?

It's not clear, looks like you need to approve permissions when running the query. Still, it's related to the user, not the device

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I already gave the permission but it not working

Hello @aussupport,


Please open a support case as this needs a close lookup at the user


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Sad to say Surfacehub team is saying its an Azure Issue and nearly 4-5 weeks...