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Recently noticed that I get IM notification pop up but when i open the coversation, the IM is missed so that I had to ask the employee to say that again. Anyone experienced? Early we all know the IM session are not properly aligned, and we got to scroll up and down to see where the lastest message is. That found to be a bug in one of the version. I am using latest Office 2016 version.  

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Hi Darwin -


This would be a good question to ask in answers (support forum) if this doesn't help - but if your organization is not yet on Skype for Business 2015, you may not have Server Side Conversation history implemented.  If this is not the reason, I would suggest notifyng support or opening a question in 'answers'.


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Hello, Community site is not to ask questions? I will try to ask in but i dont think anyone can answer there than here. We are using Lync 2013 infra but the client is Skype for Business 2016.

Ok - It sounds like you might not have server side conversation history enabled then.  Someone else here might have other things to consider...I'll let anyone else chime in :)


No - absolutely ask your questions here - you are in the right place.  When something sounds like a break/fix issue, we'll point you to support or answers where support triages 24x7. 



If you mean the IM is from a Skype (consumer) contact then I have been getting this behaviour as well and have sent feedback back to the Preview Team. No acknowledgement at this time but hopefully it is a bug and will get fixed in a later build. It only seems to happen on a new interaction, if we have already been chatting the IM will usually just be appended to the existing conversation. I haven't yet determined how long a conversation takes to be deemed inactive and a new one started.

This is also happening to me with another internal (inside the company) Skype for Business user--S4B flashes/notifies with a sound but the initial message does not show up and I must ask what it was they asked. (It's usually just a "Hi" or "Good morning.") It also does not show in the conversation history.

We've also noticed this bug. I think in the cases we have seen it, rebooting the PC fixes it. But still, a bug

Microsoft is taking any action right now?

Please check if you guys have the IM conversation history is disabled? If yes, you might be experiencing a by design behavior. 

Please check if you are facing below scenario:

The Lync client isn’t in the foreground.  The mobile phone will display the notification on the phone for only a matter of seconds.  Once the notification has disappeared, the mobile user is left with a notification on the live tile that a missed conversation occurred but when you enter the Lync client you do not see who the IM was from.

Check this link: 

It is enabled, so configuration issue. I feel like some of the CTR version of Office pro plus version of skype causing the issue.