SFB not changing status automatically to "In a meeting" when joining a meeting.

I'm having issues with Skype for business on my PC. When I join a meeting linked to my Outlook, my skype status will not update to "in a meeting" nor is that option available for me to change manually. If anyone has any insight on this I'd greatly appreciate it.
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Hi Michelle,


This could be related to several incorrect settings.

1. In the setting menu -personal; do you have the option selected to set your status based on outlook agenda items? (if not please set it. otherwise disable -> restart -> enable -> restart)

2.Right click an outlook agenda item, does it say "show as busy" ?

3.Do you use a diffent emailadress/username/password for Outlook?

4.Do you have the SfB ribbon in outlook? ie can you create a SfB meeting directly from the ribbon. If not, something went wrong during the SfB installation... Re-install. 

5.Do you have different SfB (Lync) clients installed on you PC? If so delete the old version and re-install the correct one

6.If all the above is correct please contact your IT deparment to check if they have set-up everything correctly.


You are right btw that you can't set "in a meeting" the only option availble is "busy"

I too have had this issue, but it happens intermittently. It is very frustrating because people continue to contact me when I am in a meeting because I show as available. I have checked all the settings you mention below, and have checked with my IT department. I have asked other users within the company, and they experience it intermittently as well. Please advise.

When having a problem regarding exchange integrations in Skype for Business, a good place to start is to clear the Skype for Business profile folder on your computer. Now when you start the client again, exchange connections is setup again.
Take a look here on how to do it:



1. Ensure you have already accepted the meeting, if not, Please Accept the meeting first.

2. If you have not joined the meeting through webex or other web session, then still there are changes the status wont change to 'In a meeting', so join webex or any other meeting session if not done yet.

3. If still the status is not changed to 'In a meeting', try to click on the Reset Status in the Skype.

4. Also, ensure the meeting invite is tagged as "Show as Busy".

5. I hope, if you follow the above steps, it should work.