SfB and Office 365 shared contacts: always dials the email address

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We're using O365 + Skype for Business + Cloud PBX, and have a number of shared contacts set using these standard instructions (technically through the Exchange Global Address List).


These work perfectly in Outlook, etc. -- and we can see them in Skype -- but when users click on a contact to call them, Skype always tries to dial their email address (instead of the phone number) -- and always fails because they're not Skype users.


Is there any way to make Skype for Business / PBX default to calling the phone number?

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Normally Skype for Business client calls the SIP-address as the first option but if you select to call a phone number instead the Skype client remembers this. So the next time you press the dial button (handset icon) for that contact it should dial the phone number. 


This is stored in the local client so if you change computer or device it won't work on the second device until you used that device to call the contact once. 

Thanks! This is pretty unexpected with shared contacts, since we disable Skype federation outside of our domain.


However, Skype seems to always want to dial the email (and fail) even if it's outside our domain, or an invalid / IETF test domain. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯