Why the "Site Pages" filtering is not showing the custom properties added to the content type

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I am working on a new communication site, and i have created  a new content type which have the built-in "Site Pages" content type as its parent, and i added this new content type inside the "Site Pages" list. and inside the custom content type i added three sites columns of type Managed Metadata which are linked to 3 term stores. and i set the 3 managed metadata columns as required. i added 2 modern pages and i assign them values for the managed metadata properties. but when i went to the AllPages.aspx view >> click on the filter icon, i only got those fields for filtering:-



so i am not sure why my managed metadata columns are not showing inside the filtering panel? is it a matter of time? as i have created the site around 2 hours ago? or there are some settings i need to follow? of course i want my chnage to get reflected for all users. as seems i can click on the view field >> click on "filter by" >> but this will get cleared if i refresh the page, or other user access the filtering panel..

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@john john You need to click the column name from the List view and under "Column Settings" --> there is option "Pin to filters pane".