Who is included in "everyone except external users"?

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For SharePoint Online I want to know exactly who is included in EEEU ("everyone except external users"). How can I get a list?


At first I thought it was obvious but, after thinking about it it is not at all clear. I can get different lists of users who aren't external:

  • From my Domain Controller the list of users includes service accounts, disabled users, etc.
  • The User list from O365 includes disabled users, resources, and even groups
  • The User list from Azure Active Directory is different from the other two.

Of course, these three lists are mostly the same but they are slightly different and I suspect that the list of "everyone except external users" is not the same as either of them.


Is there something in an Admin Center or Powershell script that would tell me for sure?


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I don't think you will find these are everyone who has been assigned an email account from your organization domain or domains will be added automatically to everyone and everyone except external users groups, here is an article from Sharepoint Maven which give you the whole details about these two groups .... https://sharepointmaven.com/grant-employees-access-sharepoint-site-via-everyone-except-external-user...

Also here is the Docs from Microsoft about the same. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint/troubleshoot/sharing-and-permissions/everyone-except-ext...
Totally agree here, those groups are quite specific to any organization in Office 365 and the definition of the users/object contained is well explained in the URLs provided by PDostiyar. By the way, you don't need to use them if they don't feet your needs
I saw both of those but neither clearly defines who is included or how to get a list.

It is definitely not "everyone who has been assigned an email account from your organization domain or domains" as you suggested. It has nothing to do with email. According to SharePoint Maven, they do not have to have an email, or any other, license. He says that they just need to be assigned the company domain to their username when they were set up.

If you look at the Active Users in the Microsoft 365 admin center it shows many things I wouldn't consider to be "users". It shows service accounts, resources, groups, and disabled users. If Microsoft considers them all to be "users" when it gives me a list of users does it also consider them all to be "users" in Everyone except external users?

I don't know the answer to that but if I could get a list I would be able to tell.

I was looking for exactly Who is included in "everyone except external users"? Finally, I got the answer in this discussion. Thanks for your question and also thanks to those who answered this question.


Again thanks a lot.

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