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I was wondering how do I determine where an image is stored in SharePoint online? I would go to a given page and then click Edit. I click on an image I want the location of and to the left of it is a pencil icon (edit web part). But this only gives me the "Change" button for changing them image. But I want to know where the old one is located.


Some links mention I could find them in the Site Assets folder, but the images were not in that folder when I checked.







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@JasonYeung Images are stored in Site Assets > Site Pages then there is a folder for each page you have created and images are stored there.




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1. Images added on SharePoint pages will be stored in Site Assets >> Site Pages (folder) >> Page Name (folder) --> Images will be stored in this subfolder


2. Images added on SharePoint list columns will be stored in Site Assets >> Lists (folder) >> GUID of List (folder) --> Images will be stored in this subfolder

SourceSharePoint Online: All you need to know about New Image column type 

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If your image is coming from "Your organization" (if Organization Assets have been set up for your organization), you will not see it in Site Assets because you are essentially using a link to the image. If you don't see the image in Site Assets > Site Pages > Name of page, that could be the reason. The other might be because the page was "auto saved" before the page Title was added. When that happens, the folder for the images might have a weird name - like bdgstcx instead of the page name. If you see funky folder names, a tip to figure out which page they belong to is to look at the created date of the page and match it to the folder date.
Hi @ganeshanap.
There used to be an option to add a Picture Libary, i don't seem to have that anymore.
If i use the Picture galery webpart, where will the pictures be stored then?

thank you
If you are not using Stock Images or Organization Assets as a source, all images you upload to a page are stored in the Site Assets library on the site. The library is not created until you upload your first image on a page or add a site icon/logo.