What's the point of file SHARING! ?

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Have Microsoft made the situation of making files accessible, by direct permissions access and sharing, incredibly do-able but also very complex?


When you look at a file in a doc lib on a SharePoint site to see who has access to it, you have the people who can access it because they are a member of the SharePoint Owners/Members/Visitors groups, additionally bespoke permissions could have been set, then on top of that the file may have been shared with other people too.  It can be quite complex!  


So why did Microsoft introduce sharing into 365?  And how, as site Owners and SharePoint Admins, can we keep a handle on what is accessible and by whom?

How can it all be simplified enough to make the average user in an organisation understand the repercussions of sharing, and also understand what they see when they search on a organisational level SharePoint Search and on a Microsoft 365 Search?

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