What M365 Admin Roles are needed for a SPOAdmin to see audit information


I am NOT looking for the ULS logs, as I KNOW you can NOT get at them.


I know that as a SharePoint Online Administrator, I can get to all Site Collections, however I know that I can look at some logging / auditing on the system.

I have yet to have someone assist me in figuring it out.

"Example - ok you get the Teams Admin and the Exchange Admin, those two are needed because one is awesome and the other needed, etc."  Something like that.  

I am in Microsoft 365 Admin Center and I see Security, Compliance, SharePoint, Teams.  I am Admin for SharePoint Online and for Teams.  I believe I have a mixed parts within the role in Compliance and or  Security.

I am not sure the exact area to go and or to look.  I think I remember I might need Exchange Admin role.


For example, do I do a search here to find out - https://protection.office.com/contentsearchbeta?ContentOnly=1

Is the above link the correct one if say Jane Doe logged on or changed permissions on a Site Collection?


Thank you.

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With the Audit Log Search you are going to have tons of info, so just be sure to assign a role to the user that allows to get access to the Compliance Center so he/she can access the Audit Log Search

@Juan Carlos González Martín  thank you for the reply.

I am able to get to https://compliance.microsoft.com/?rfr=AdminCenter


Where do I go to get to the search?

This is what I have on the left navigation.



I don't have access to the Compliance Manager, I don't know if I need that.




I am NOT able to get to - https://compliance.microsoft.com/solutioncatalog/solution/auditlogsearch?solutionname=Audit

The user "MYNAMEHERE" does not have Any of the required permission [Read /ComplianceManagerV3/Master], [Read /ComplianceManagerV3/Customer]


I can not get to https://compliance.microsoft.com/compliancemanager

The user "MYNAMEHERE" does not have Any of the required permission [Read /ComplianceManagerV3/Master], [Read /ComplianceManagerV3/Customer]



I also have access to (I Think this is an old area that might be going away and or replaced by another area?) https://protection.office.com/homepage

I can go to Content Search - https://protection.office.com/contentsearchbeta?ContentOnly=1    but what do I search for in here?  IS this the place you mentioned for audit information?