Using Robocopy to copy files from File Server to SharePoint Online Library

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We are going to copy over 300 Go of files from a file Server to SharePoint Online and we want to grant same security settings of the File Server. Can Robocopy help us ?

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Not sure to understand...

AFAIK Robocopy does not support cloud as a target: how do you think to use it?

Also, what do you mean by "to grant same security settings"?

Well I just wanted to be sure, bescause i thought if i map SP location (net use x: " then we can use it as a target. Thank you for your quick reply.

As for the Security Settings i wanted to Transfer NTFS & share Permissions of copied folders (from File Server) to SharePoint Online Libraries.

I'd suggest rethinking this idea.  I don't see how robocopy is going to help for this scenario nor can I see it working, based on what's been said so far.


300 GB (if that's right?) is a large migration and the last thing you want to do is just dump it onto SharePoint if that's the plan. Usually, if this hasn't been done already, there will be a data cleansing exercise, in other words, how much of that data truly needs to be migrated to the cloud. Just as important things like Information Architecture and Governance need to be mapped out, to give a solid foundation, depending on requirements.


I'd suggest looking at a SharePoint migration tool like ShareGate, that can do all sorts of things, like map security, bring across meta information, apply a taxonomy etc.  You may come across a 5K list view limit if not careful as well, something to look out for anyway.


Have a look at this for practical steps to get started, though it's not a recent article, it also has a long list of 3rd party products that can help:


Migrating File Shares to SharePoint Online


Also, depending on how many licences you have, you may be able to get some onboarding and migration assistance from Microsoft - FastTrack Center Benefit Overview.


Hope that helps a bit.

SharePoint mapping to a local drive does not work perfectly, unfortunately. You could have some problems using a mapped drive as a target for Robocopy. You can find several thread in this community where drive mapping has been discussed. Try a search.

Also, SharePoint is not a file share, so you will not be able to copy NTFS security settings. You'll have to design your SharePoint permissions. It's a quite complex subject. You can start from this article:

All in all, it could perhaps be better for you to use a third party migration tool. We have discussed also this subject several times, with the names of several of such tools.  Try a search.

Hope it helps...

There is an Import API avaiable, @Benjamin Niaulin has a nice review of its capabilities at 

Just for those who are still looking at solutions to migrate content to Sharepoint online


Microsoft offers two tools for you. SharePoint Migration Tool and (soon)

Read more:

If you still looking for a solution, there are many tools that would meet your requirements , for example, SharePoint Migration , ShareGate, and Gs Richcopy360 .
Robocopy will not help in this situation .