Unable to upload a video to SharePoint list

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Hi all,


We have a SharePoint list and one column is used to upload the attachments, such videos and pictures.


In these few days the speed of uploading a video to this column was very slow and failed most of times, it seemed that it's unable to upload any video. But 2 weeks ago our last submission in this list was okay without any problem. By the way, for the pictures uploading, it still works at this moment and there's no any impact. 


I have tried to upload videos to my others SharePoint lists, the same things happened. 


Does anyone know what the problem is? Or how can I fix it? Thanks!

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Are you perhapse exceeding the 250 MB limit?
"The maximum size for files attached to list items is 250 MB." in


Paul | SLIM Applications

Thanks @Paul de Jong 


In my understanding, the 250 MB limit is only for the total attachments size of a single item instead of the whole size of the list, is it correct? 


I have set the size limit as 50 MB for a single attachment via customizing my list, and the max attachments is only 4. My video size is around 7 MB but it failed to upload, in contrast a 10 MB picture is able to upload as usual, it also works for PDF file. It seems a conflict of video uploading.


Then I tried to upload videos to my other lists, some worked but some didn't. The list that worked is just a simple one which is only for my previous testing.


Do you know is there any other factor that impact this video uploading function? Thanks! 


The 250 MB is indeed per attached file (i.e. an individual file).

Given that you can attach other file types with similar or even larger sizes is important. It indicates it is not just a size limit.
You mentioned you have a separate simple list: are you able to upload a video file to that list without problems? and does the same video file fail on other list?
(just trying to establish whether there is something wrong with specific files)

@Paul de Jong 


Thanks for your advice!


I have customized my list format via “Customize Forms” under Power Apps, at the same time I created a Power App of this list for our users. Yesterday I doubted this problem might be caused by the different parameters setting between Customize Forms and Apps, so I   made lots of testings and set all attachment parameters the same, unfortunately it still failed in the end.


This morning I tried to upload videos, sometimes it worked but most of times it didn't work. For example:

  1. For an existing item of the existing list, the 1st video uploading succeeded, but the following trials failed;
  2. For a new item of the existing list, the 1st uploading failed, second one succeeded, but the following ones failed again;
  3. Then I tried more than 20 times, it seemed that only 2 times succeeded, both for the MP4 videos and MOV videos, which means all formats of video have the similar problem;
  4. I created a list, there's no any problems for uploading videos.

I think the problem only happens in my existing list, it seems that the video uploading function is unstable in our site or our existing list, but I don't know what its cause is and how to fix it. It seems that my only option is that creating a new list to replace this old one which has more than 50 columns and a linkage with a Power Apps and an Automate Flow, it would be a huge trouble for me!!!


 Do you know any other method to find out this problem cause? Thanks!

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Looks like you thoroughly tested the behavior. If you created a new list in 4. below and the error does not surfaces then I would start using that list eventhough it means extra work to get everything up and running again. It does remain weird that the original list sometimes gives errors.