Unable to delete workflows

I'm working on designing custom approval workflows to SharePoint Online (O365) lists through SharePoint 2013 designer.
For this task, I've adopted SharePoint 2010 workflow for approval process. Through designer, I'm unable to delete these worflows now.



Any help is greatly appreciated!

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@ellan1537 If I understand the problem you want disassociate the workflows from the items so that the workflow should not run for the list/library. To achieve that you are trying to delete the workflow.

As the error message you have given I he only see that during folder deletion not workflow deletion I have to test it. But instead of trying to delete you can always try to go the workflow setting for the list/library 


Click on the Remove,Block or Restore a Workflow


That will eliminate the SharePoint designer dependency. Hope fully this helps marks the response appropriately.




If I look from list UI, I don't see any workflows associated with the list. But, through 2013 designer UI it shows there 2 approval workflows associated for the same list. I'm trying to get rid of them.



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Fortunately, SharePoint designer allowed to delete approval workflows completely after a day. Might be a small glitch for a moment.