Unable to delete List in SharePoint Online

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When I try to delete a list in SharePoint Online, I am asked if I want to send the item(s) to the site Recycle Bin, but when I click on the 'Delete' button, I just get a message that says "1 item wasn't deleted" and that it failed. It is in a site where I was able to delete about 5 lists that I created, but unable to delete 5 others that I created.


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It’s possible those lists have items in them? If any kind of retention policy is turned on your sites you can’t delete folders and lists the have content in them until you delete all the items in the list first so copies of the content move over to the item retention library.
Thanks for the response. I didn't realize that you can't delete a list with data in it. Even though none of my lists had data in them, you got me to go into the lists and try to delete them from within the list. That is when I finally received the message I needed to solve this. We have a main list which is for our workflow and we have other lists that the main workflow list uses. When I went into "Settings" for one of the "other lists" and selected "Delete this list", I get the message "You cannot send this list to the site Recycle Bin. This list has the following related list(s) [ListName]. After some trial and error, I found that if I delete my "other lists" from the main list, then I can delete my "other lists". Once my "other lists" are deleted, I am able to delete my main list.