Unable to change Theme or Header on new SITE but can on site Pages

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I've created a new Site in the new modern admin centre.  If I click on gear > Change look, nothing I change will save.  The save button doesn't seem to do anything so I have a crappy looking site.


I can change the look on our old classic sites, subsites and even new modern pages, but not a new Site.  

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Hi, Can you please post some screenshots for better understanding.

@Sudharsan K If I change the logo, it shows on the site but the Save doesn't work.  If I change the background, it won't save.  If I'm on my other sites, when I click Save it actually starts saving then gives me a message that it was saved.  Header Change not saving.png

What is your permission for the site? When you click 'Save' what is the error you get? If you get any error post some screenshot and also open the developer tool in the Chrome browser and click save and then post that screenshot too.

@Sudharsan K I'm the Site Owner.  I was also receiving an error trying to see the Themes "There was an error while attempting to get the themes" and fixed that by clicking on the Classic Change option first, then going back and it somehow changed everything to purple, but then was able to change the Theme and now have uploaded the Logo.  Seems like a SP glitch.

I am sure its an SP glitch or maybe because of the site cache.