Turn off Details panel on new SharePoint lists


On lists where I have turned off Quick Edit users can still bypass forms (and any Javascript validation on that form etc.) by updating the form via the details panel. Is there anyway to turn this off as an option? or set it to read-only perhaps?

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In your view settings you could disable the item selection ( in tabular view). However this doesn't seem to be disabled in the new look list views.


If this worked then the option to select an item would disappear.


So for now there probably isn't an options.

I think this is not a option but a made by desing SharePoint is made to use metadata to quick search etc. So why would you want to get ride of it in the first place?





I would like to remove this as, for example, some of my forms show/hide fields depending on the permission level of the user accessing. With this new details panel anyone with contribute permissions can update whichever fields they like.


When I turn Quick Edit off I assume that users will have to use the forms to create/update content giving me some control of what they can do in the list.


I tried removing tabular view but this had no effect whatsoever.

Hi Sian,


But turning it of or hiding will not fix your question as users still have the ability to edit the doc properties in Word,excel etc. 


I guess column filtering is not available based on permisions





Hi Paul, I'm referring to the new Modern Lists not a document library where if you select an item, there is a (i) you can click which allows you to update your field values from the view.

Hi Sian,


sorry did misunderstand but still what you want is column permissions. 

And i think this is not possible right now.





In modern site settings - advanced there is the option to disable modern side panels. Of course, like everything else in modern sites, it doesn’t actually work. So, if you wasted your time making a powerapps form with some tricky backend functionality for a list, users can completely bypass without the option to disable these side panels. Thanks again SP devs, doing a great job, keep it up!

This is the same problem for use.  We want business logic to be controlled using PowerApps and custom forms but the details pane allows editing which bypasses any validation you might want.  This is essentially what infopath provided and now PowerApps forms but it falls apart if users can directly manipulate the data.

I cannot believe that this is still an issue 2 years later!

I gave up entirely on SharePoint for anything other than document libraries a long while a go.

Actually I just managed to get it to behave by changing list settings:

Advanced>Quick property editing(Specify whether Quick Edit and Details Pane can be used on this list to bulk edit data.)>Allow items in this list to be edited using Quick Edit and the Details Pane?>No


I had at first dismissed it based on a comment in this thread.  It now behaves as we want and we can use the new form to trigger flows.

But the users can sill edit the properties in Bulk Edit mode. Bulk Edit <> Quick Edit.


Select any two items in the list , then click the Information icon. The Bulk Edit panel then lets you change all props on the selected item

While the column permission would be nice every now and then, it would cause a nightmare for maintenance and troubleshooting. If you need to control permission on a column level you can store your data in two different SharePoint lists and display the combined data in a PowerApp. 'Security by obscurity" is never a good idea. Better to do it right from the start.
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You could try this article until Microsoft listen to UserVoice.


It worked for me!


And... keep voting UserVoice 

You can try 
list setings->Advanced settings->Quick property editing (NO) 
This will make the "details pane" readonly. I hope this helps.

@ellix4u It is still editable - just field by field not all at once...

EDIT - looks like they have fixed this some very short time ago :D now it is not editable anymore.

Add your custom Content Type to the list - this is only to introduce the custom columns to the list.
Add Item as the Default content type.
turn off allow management of content types.
Now, your powerapps form will have access to all of the columns in the list, but the details panel will only show the Title column.

Items will be "Items" and not your custom content type.

If you need them to be a custom content type, then clone Item with a custom name and set it as the default content type (instead of Item), and have a "master" custom content type that has all of the custom columns.

*Before turning off Allow Management of Content Types, you may need to update all existing list items to be "Items" instead of your custom content type.