Trying to create gantt chart in Sharepoint

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Hi all,


In a previous iteration of Sharepoint, it was a pretty straight forward process to create a gantt chart to visually outline project status' etc., but in Sharepoint online this has been an absolute stress to try figure out. 


While historically we would create a list with relevant data, and then change the view to provide a Gantt, there is no such option I can find when working with lists in Sharepoint online.


For context, I'm looking to provide a Gantt visualisation for a Release Schedule for the year, that will be populated by additions to a list that is pretty straight forward.


I've scowered this resource along with general searching online and see nowhere giving me help, but even more interesting no one else asking for this help? Wondering if there is an obvious web part I'm overlooking here

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Nothing changes with SPO. It's still as simple as it can get.


Just create a list based off "task list", change the view to "gantt chart", and there you go. Make sure, it's not a custom list, but a proper "task list" (which is based on a template that supports hierarchical tasks). Simply add an "app" via "site contents" and select "tasks".


Where are you stuck at?






Thanks for the direction, finally found it.


I didn't notice the "create a view" option at the very bottom of the screen. Is there a way to embed the Gantt view into an already existing page?


Tried a few of the default apps and only the embed one seems to show the chart, but its embedding the entire page. I just want to put the gantt into an existing page.


Tried using the list app, and it's just placing in the actual data list that populates the gantt.


Nearly there, this was driving me crazy for ages! 


I think you can't do that yet in modern pages. However, it is easy for classic pages. Just add an app part (tasks), and in the config pane on the right, select the appropriate view.

Thanks. We are building everything in a modern style. I might just take a screenshot and manage it manually that way. 


Anyway thank you very much for the assistance in creating a Gantt chart

Yes .... Very frustrating that one year later the feature is still not available, and mixing classic template with modern UI is not a way to go for best user experience....


So reaching out to see if you have any ideas in the meantime...

@Fabien Frances @Daniel O'Connor @Abhimanyu Singh If somehow, 3 or 4 years later you're still looking for a Gantt chart, we've release a (commercial) add-in for Modern sites to do that. 


Happy to answer any questions on it.