Translating SharePoint pages with built-in Edge translation features not working as expected


Hi everyone


Am hoping someone can please help with the translation features now built-in to Edge. We are very keen to try to use these to enable our users to choose to translate SharePoint news and other pages into their preferred language.

We have tried going to the Language settings in Edge and choosing "Offer to translate pages that aren't in a language I read":

language settings.PNG

We would hope this would then display the Language button in Edge next to the Favourites button, meaning users can choose a language to translate into:

Choose Language.PNG

One colleague DOES see this appear but a bunch of us do not. Has anyone any thoughts on this at all? Is it possible to activate it for all?


@Kamal_Upadhyay are you able to help at all please?!


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Very interesting scenario here that I'm not very sure if it's possible with SharePoint and a modern browser (Edge, Google Chrome). I would say it's not possible, but curious to see your findings here