Top Link Bar Not Showing in Modern Site Page

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I ran into this issue with a client.  They are using the default site collection which is a classic site collection.  If they use the classic Wiki or Web Part pages the Top Nav shows fine.  When they create Site Pages using the Modern Site Page template then the Top Nav doesn't show.  Any ideas?

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April...I've ran into this issue as well.  There are some compatibility issues going from classic to modern.  What I ended up doing was sticking with a modern team site or communications site as main default pages.  The navigation will show up fine.


Also...if you're using publishing, modern pages don't show the drop down menu items properly.  Best to use managed navigation for this.

I am running into similar issue. I have a Sharepoint 2019 on-premise site and am trying to configure global top navigation menu driven by Managed Metadata. The issue is that global navigation top menu shows if I go to Site Settings but disappears on home page. Home page is using communication site template.
As we know Publishing features won't work with Communication site template.
Any suggestions and/or workarounds?