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Dear all,


Lately I've come across an annoying issue for one of my clients:
Whenever there is a Team (in Teams) created, naturally a Sharepoint-site is created and should be connected properly, as indicated by the following icon in the SharePoint admin center.



What we notice lately is that both Sharepoint and Team are created correctly, but they do not seem connected as this icon is not showing.
When trying to reach the Sharepoint-site from Teams 


I am receiving the following error (even after 2 days worth of "later").



The icon reappears when the Teams get deleted and restored but functionality does not.
This, however, all seems to be solved by manually deleting the Sharepoint-site from the Sharepoint admin Center and restoring it from the 'Deleted sites'. 
After this (and the proper waiting time to sync), the icon appears and connection is made correctly.
This workaround does works but I don't believe this should be necessary.


Is there anyone who can provide a definitive solution for this?


Thanks in advance,

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@breakk Is the site now available in admin center?

if yes, can you navigate and create a document?


Hi Jennifer,
As mentioned in the last part of my post, everything works properly right now.
It is available, I can navigate and can create documents.
But it keeps reoccurring with every Team that is created so it's the same problem and workaround all over again, that's why I was asking for similar experiences and probable solutions so this does not happen in the future anymore.