Suggestion: Add Playback Speed option in SharePoint video player

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I am a user using MS Teams for some time and I see that my meeting recordings are being saved on SharePoint where it plays the video on its own video player. I like it from all aspects except one that it does not have the video playback speed feature which can help me to go through the content at a faster rate without skipping it or going at a slower rate for a better understanding of what happened in the meeting. I would like to see the playback options same as YouTube going from 0.5x up to 2x. 

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Hello, this is coming and is currently a part of the feature gap related to the change going from Stream (classic) to Stream (SharePoint). You can read more about it here, the link is directed to the roadmap specifically


Microsoft 365 Roadmap | Microsoft 365 (Variable playback speed (0.5-2x) for Microsoft Teams meeting recordings)


That's amazing to hear. Thanks for telling :) 


Hello Christian,

Has this feature come out yet or will soon? It says the release is September.

Thank you

Hello, usually the month is a "scheduled release date", meaning it's quite common that the implementation is pushed forward. When it changes from "In development" to "Rolling out" then you know it's about to hit your tenant too.

@ChristianJBergstrom thanks for your responce.

Would you mind doing it kinda faster?:) Our school uses sharepoint for the recorded classroom videos and it takes too much time to watch them in normal speed.

@Marallou Hey I found a way to change speed now. From the SharePoint video, right-click and you should be given an option to "Show All Controls". Then there is a vertical 3-dot menu on the bottom right-hand side of the screen. When you click on that, it gives you an option to change the speed. 

@Marallou Actually they haven't managed to update this one so..


  • Targeted Release: We expect to begin the targeted release rollout in early August and be fully rolled out by approximately early September
  • General Availability: We expect to begin the GA rollout in early September and expect that release to be fully rolled out by approximately late September

In other words, if you can't use it now it won't take long.

That's how you can do through the in-browser controls on any website.
It's the 1st of November and as far as I can see the feature is not available. The roadmap still says that it is expected in October. I was wondering, what is the actual date of release?
Thank you
Status is "rolling out" meaning it's happening right now, and when changed to "launched" all tenants will have the feature. Not possible to get an exact date.



Is the ability to Playback (rewind) or Forward a SharePoint video possible?

Right now, we can only Play and Pause. If we try to the scroll bar the video replays. This is not a good user experience.


I'm hoping a playback or better video player experience is available for videos views through SharePoint. Would appreciate your expert advice here.

@EBirch5 Hi, as far as I know the feature is still in "rolling out" status so probably hasn't hit your tenant yet.


For Teams meeting recordings saved to OneDrive & SharePoint, you'll be able to change the playback speed (0.5x - 2x) while watching the video.


You will see an icon in the bottom right corner of Teams meeting recordings that opens the Playback speed menu. This menu contains options for slower speed (0.5x), normal speed (1x), and faster speed (1.2x, 1.5x, 1.8x, and 2.0x). The setting that you chooses will persist for the duration of the browser session; you can change it at any time using the Playback speed menu.



@ChristianJBergstrom Thank you for the quick response back and info on playback speed.

I am aware of the playback speed, but that is not what I'm looking for to resolve the issue. Instead, I'm specifically looking for the ability to rewind or fast forward a video launched from SharePoint.

Right now, the user experience is not a good one only being able to Play or Pause. Any attempts to move the scroll bar means the video replays.


So, that is the gap I'm hoping is being worked on in the roadmap to provide a better UX as it relates to viewing videos saved/launched from SharePoint.


Thank you!

Hi, I am sorry but I don't know what you mean. I jump back and forth all the time when looking at meeting recordings without any issues with video replay. It's not a "fast forward" or "rewind" button I simply drag the pointer and all is good in SharePoint for me.
Hey there!
So all my recordings that are saved on Sharepoint from teams do not show this playback speed option, it's only showing the quality option. I have tried restarting and everything. Please help!

@agill51 The only thing that worked for me and it has been a charm since I found it is a plugin called 'Video Speed Control'.


When I became affected by the removal of the playback speed, I contacted Microsoft and the response I got is that they were testing the feature and would make it available when ready. Until then, the plugin has been a great time saver