Stream on sharepoint with mobile device: Video not playing on page but redirected to file location

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We use now Stream on SharePoint. On a SharePoint page I have a webpart "File and Media" and I select a stream video on sharepoint. On my laptop/desktop I can play the video directly on that page. But on my mobile device it shows up like a word document and when selecting it, it redirect me to another page where the video is played. Is this normal? Is their away to let it play also on that page on mobile?


Thanks in advance 

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I actually found a kind of workaround:
I select the file (video) andn then select "Open in Stream". From their I select the "Share" button and then I can just copy the embed code.
I changed my webpart from "File and Media" to "Embed code" and paste the code.
Now in mobile it plays directly as before.
Is their any Microsoft expert that can validate this way of work?

Thank you in advance
Thank you for this workaround. This is what the sharepoint app SHOULD be doing. I don't know why they think I want to download a file in the mobile app.... I was getting around this before by linking a picture to the (MP3) file in our case for a podcast. Doing this would launch stream in the browser and launch the stream web interface INSIDE the SharePoint app, which allowed for background play. The embed code is a better user experience on desktop and mobile and still allows background play.
Thanks! I used your workaround, otherwise it looked horrible with that instream box on mobile.