SP List Show Column Not Working

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I have a SP list with a column called status and data type choice.


When I created the new column it didn't apppear by default so I selected add column > show/hide columns and selected the relevant tickbox > apply.


As soon as I click apply the column appears for one or two seconds then it disappears again. It won't stay on the list.


I have deleted a re-created the column but the same thing happens. I have also cleared my browser cache.


Any ideas?


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@jonboylib Try following the steps:

  1. Go to SharePoint list
  2. Click on "Switch view options" dropdown and select "Edit current view" ganeshsanap_0-1661953473636.png
  3. From view settings page, select the columns you want to add to list view (by checking checkboxes) and click "OK"

Make sure you are checking the newly added column in correct list view. If the column does not show by following above steps - try clearing browser cache & cookies once again.

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