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Hi everyone


I'm playing about with the navigation audience targeting and have a query about the groups that are available to be added as an audience.  I want to add some links that are only visible for site owners but I don't seem to be able to choose any owners groups.  In the example below if I start typing the name of the site I only get the members group as an option, and if I type owners no results are found:






I wondered whether site owners always saw every link regardless of audience targeting and that's why they can't be selected.  However, I've tested this by setting a link to a group that I'm not a member of and even though I'm a site owner I couldn't see the link so don't think this is the case.


Does anyone know why I can't seem to select the owners group?  I'd be grateful for any help received.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi @gcjuw84,


Audience targeting only shows groups available on Azure AD. I see you are targeting navigation link to Microsoft 365 Group. 

I replicated same issue and noticed that owners cannot see the link. At least I haven't found anything to pick M365 Group Owners.

Hi Together,

did anyone finde an answer meanwhile for this issue?

I have the same issue - and I even had the situtation, that it was working for a certain time. But not now anymore... I even have screenshots, where I added the owner group, only if I would remove it now, I can't put it back, because now I can't find the owner group anymore... :( (here my post in a diffrent forum:

If anyone has an idea it would be great!