Showing SharePoint Online Survey incomplete responses

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I have built a survey we want to use as a compliance tool.  I have the 'age old'  issue where there are some users who have accidentally created incomplete responses. These don't appear to visible, even to somebody with tenant / site collection admin permissions.


Hence I have tried the usual tools and dark arts (Man LOL) at the disposable of the humble consultant


  • Advanced settings -> Item Level Permissions - Read all responses ( I still could't see the invalid ones)
  • Client Browser
  • PowerShell
  • Rest'My important Survey')/items?$select=Id
  • Site Collection -> Audit settings ->  Document and List Items


So far the 3 or 4 incomplete responses remain invisible - emailing remote users to see if they can see their 'draft' reponse isn't eactly slick.


Has anyone found a way of viewing / deleting these invalid responses ?






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A quick update. If anyone is interested this a UserVoice


However, given ican't also  easily naviage backards and well forwards ( Next) , or print preview .  I am looking at a number or options for my users such as SurveyMonkey. The principle being If I build it Iw ill have provide , and or train others to support itSmiley Indifferent!