Show Companyname (OrgNames) in Modern Search

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Hi there, 
I build a people directory with modern search pnp and I want to display the users organisation. 
I use the SharePoint-Search Option with LocalPeopleResult as the result source and added the OrgNames as a selected property but the companyname is not showing up. 
What do I miss?

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Hello @Lel_999987 


which property do you use?


Make sure, that you have the right user profile property:


Best, Dave 

Hi @David Mehr,
thanks for your feedback.

I use the OrgNames Property:


But it seems to be empty while the department property is filled:



Entra AD Profile



Hello @Lel_999987 


make sure, that you map the correct property. 


Other things for User Profile properties ist this:

"You may also map the crawled property to the managed property ContentsHidden which is already set to be included in the PeopleIdx."


Best, Dave