Should we refresh the secure store encryption key in sharepoint 2013 before upgrading to 2016

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We are trying to upgrade from sharepoint 2013 to sharepoint 2016 via database attach and upgrade - as per
We did not know the passphase for the SP 2013 environment , so reset it (in the SP 2013 environment).
When we go to upgrade the secure store service application ( in the SP 2016 environment) , we are using the following powershell

$applicationPool = Get-SPServiceApplicationPool -Identity 'SharePointSearchService'
$sss = New-SPSecureStoreServiceApplication -Name 'Secure Store Service Application' -ApplicationPool $applicationPool -DatabaseName 'Secure_Store_Service_Application' -AuditingEnabled
$sssp = New-SPSecureStoreServiceApplicationProxy -Name ‘Secure Store Service Application Proxy’
-ServiceApplication $sss -DefaultProxyGroup
$pp = "RedLeciester!0"
Update-SPSecureStoreApplicationServerKey -Passphrase $pp -ServiceApplicationProxy $sssp

We get an error message
Update-SPSecureStoreApplicationServerKey : Exception of type 'Microsoft.Office.SecureStoreService.Server.KeyManagement.InvalidMasterKeyException' was

As far as i can tell, the advice is to refresh the secure store encryption key
Should we have refreshed the Secure Store encryption key on the SP 2013 instance ?(before we backup up the SP 2013 secure store database to copy it over)
Are there any knock on effects of refreshing the 2013 instance secure store encryption key ?

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