SharePoint Workflow - Track Changes in Microsoft Word and Content Approval

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Hello all,


I have a couple of questions that have probably been asked before but after searching, I can't seem to find the answers to them.


With "Content Approval" enabled in SharePoint, I would like the reviewer to use "Track Changes" in Word to mark up the document, and "comment" on all the necessary changes needed to be implemented by the original author/modifier.


After testing it out, the "Modified by" name of the document changes to the reviewer's name when "Track changes" is used and the document is saved with the suggest changes.


This is obviously problematic as I need to "Reject" the document back to the original author/modifier so they can review the changes, and then accept them or respond to any comments. But with the "Modified by" name changed to the reviewer name, the "Reject" function does not send it back the original author/modifier.


Questions are, 1) Can I use "Track Changes" for the purpose I have laid out above? 2) If, yes, how do I implement a workflow process in SharePoint utilizing "Content Approval" and Microsoft Word's "Track Changes"?


Many thanks in advance for your assistance.


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