SharePoint url changed when adding quick links

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I have a co-worker who went in on our SharePoint pages and set up quick links. When that happened, they somehow erased or changed the URL for the SharePoint sites. We cannot find them to display the home page. We were able to find the documents from the web but still cannot load home page. Looking for suggestions to fix and get home pages to display. 

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@TomA67 Can you try going to Site Pages library of site directly using the URL in below format?


Then create a new page (or use any other existing page except current home page) and try setting it as a home page of site like: 


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still get a blank page

hit send too soon, blank page that says "This site cannot be reached" with an message it might be temporarily down or moved to a new web address
Can you click on the site logo and see what happens? Can you load any page like Site contents or site settings?

@Bharath Arja yes, we have other SharePoint sites we use that were not affected. This only occured when quick links were being set up for mobile. 

Is the problem only with quick link that was recently added or somehow your Site URL got updated? I am trying to understand the exact problem
This is what we are trying to figure out, we can get to the documents on the SharePoint site but cannot display the home page. From the mobile app, only the person who edited the quick links can see the home page, none of us can see it but can access the documents from our phones and tablets.
oh okay. Can you check if the person who edited the home page had it checked out to them? If you can go to Site pages library from site contents, as admin you will be able to view all the pages and also can discard others check out.