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is there a place where you can track all changes that happen in updates of sharepoint online?

It Would be nice if you could read about all added features.

Thanks for answering

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Hi @ITguy999,

Yes, Microsoft maintains a documentation portal called the "Microsoft 365 Roadmap" that provides information about the latest features, updates, and improvements in SharePoint Online and other Microsoft 365 services.



Here's how you can access the Microsoft 365 Roadmap:

  1. Visit the Microsoft 365 Roadmap website: Go to the following URL:

  2. Filter by service: On the Roadmap page, you can filter by services such as SharePoint, Teams, or other Microsoft 365 products. Select "SharePoint" from the list to view updates specific to SharePoint Online.

  3. View planned, rolling out, and released items: The Roadmap page shows different sections for planned, rolling out, and released items. You can navigate through these sections to see the latest updates and changes in SharePoint Online.

  4. Explore details: Click on any specific item to get more details about the update, including its description, timeline, and potential impact on users.

Additionally, Microsoft also publishes official SharePoint blogs and articles that highlight new features and improvements. The SharePoint blog can be found at Microsoft SharePoint Blog - Microsoft Community Hub

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