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Is there any one please has a sharepoint online template for employees records for HR purpose


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SharePoint Online offers a variety of templates and solutions for managing employee records and HR processes. While there might not be a single source for free templates, you can explore the following options to find SharePoint Online templates suitable for HR purposes:

  1. Microsoft 365 AppSource:
  • Visit the Microsoft 365 AppSource website.
  • Search for "HR" or "employee records" to find SharePoint solutions and templates developed by Microsoft and third-party providers.
  1. SharePoint Lookbook:
  • The SharePoint Lookbook provides examples of SharePoint site designs and solutions for various business scenarios, including HR and employee management.
  • While not specifically templates, you can explore these designs for inspiration and adapt them to your HR needs.
  1. SharePoint Community Sites:
  • Browse SharePoint community sites, forums, and blogs where users share tips, solutions, and templates.
  • Websites like GitHub, SharePoint Community, and SharePoint blogs often provide code samples, templates, and solutions for various SharePoint scenarios, including HR management.
  1. Microsoft Documentation:
  • Explore the Microsoft documentation for SharePoint Online.
  • Microsoft often provides guidance, tutorials, and sample solutions that can be adapted for HR purposes.
  1. Third-Party Providers:
  • Consider exploring third-party SharePoint solution providers and marketplaces.
  • Some providers offer free or trial versions of their HR-related SharePoint solutions, which you can use as templates or starting points for customization.

Remember to review the terms of use and licensing requirements for any templates or solutions you find, especially if they are provided by third-party vendors. Additionally, ensure that any solution you choose aligns with your organization's compliance and security requirements. The text and steps were edited with the help of AI.


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