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Hi guys.


Does anyone know if there is a way with native SharePoint Online features to create an internal staff directory? Ideally leveraging off of Azure Ad so it automatically updates when a new Office 365 account is created.



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If you mean out the box, the answer is No....but you could easily build your custom staff directory. We have done this for some customers and I can share some details with you:
(1) We are using Microsoft Graph API to get the information from Azure AD. Due to the permissions required to get all the information to be shown in the Staff directory, we get the information by means of an Azure Function that call effectively the Graph API
(2) We have developed a SPFx WebPart that renders the information coming from Azure AD and in this WebPart we have provided search features so it's possible filter by name, e-mail or even phone

Take a look at this recently published article by @Marc Anderson @Jeremy Thake and many others,


Delve will provide you with a good staff directory in terms of searching, as will the Organisation tab within a Teams chat.
Funny thing about Devel and Teams is the way the directory is built ;-)....I recommend you to read the blog post described by Dean

Can you share more on how you accomplished this? 


Hi Jeff,


How strong is your need for this? Our development team are debating if we should create custom dynamic org charts to sell the as a service.


Your alternative is to use pre-made solutions. This is a pretty good one: