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I'm trying to build a SharePoint page on our team's SP Site and I'd like for one of the web parts to be a list imported from the MS List.

Our goal is a searchable glossary.

However, when I get to the List web part and hit the edit icon, the "List" drop down doesn't show anything.

I have the List saved to our Team's Files. 

Not sure where I'm going wrong.

Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

I'm happy to provide any other info if it'd be helpful.

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@Kelly_Harr the list web part can only display lists from the current SharePoint site. It can't display a list from a different site or from Teams. So in my example below the dropdown shows all the lists on my current SharePoint site but none of the other lists on other sites to which I have access or am an owner.




You would need to consider using Power Apps where you can create a gallery from any data source and display it on a SharePoint page in the Power Apps web part.


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@RobElliott thank you for this insight! I'll give it a shot.