SharePoint site of private channel in Teams is not displayed SharePoint admin center

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Hello, My company is in the process of SharePoint migration and Teams roll-out. In order to keep the number of Teams to the minimum we create private channels whenever possible. However I noticed that the SharePoint sites created as a result of these private channels are not listed in SharePoint admin center among active sites and therefore can't be set as a Hub sites e.g. or their activity can't be monitored. Does anyone know if there is any solution or work-around for this issues? Thanks

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@KatyaraGreat question, As the structure of the private channel, is being part of the main Team sites which is also called parent site, for example, if your Teams sites URL is the child site URL will be the same so by design you are not able to find that in the Sharepoint admin center and nor you can make it part of the hub site as it is already child to a parent.


you can only associate the parent site to a hub site.


hope that answers your question...

This is a Design decision, for now, Sites tied to Private Channels are hidden in the SPO Admin can only query them by means of PowerShell

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Hi Juan and Pervaiz,


In our tenant this changed as of yesterday and all private channel site collections are now available and actionable in the Active sites list. Are you aware of any guidance as to whether these sites should or should not be joined to hubs? We would like to for the benefit of search and also to inherit the hub's navigation.



@rakova17Yes this has been roll-out to most of the tenants and i guess if you are using hub sites and if there is a need i would make the private channel child site part of the hub as you got the option to associate it to a hub.


You also have the option for permission, rename the site url, and some other functions that you could do with team site "parent site" or sharepoint site but currently you cannot change the url.

We were seeing the sites created by private channels in the Admin center briefly, but that seems to have now been removed again. Microsoft, can this be brought back? Our organization would like to easily be able to see all private channel sites without having to query with PS. 

@Juan Carlos González Martín @PDostiyar

Same here, we dont see sites made by private channels in SharePoint Admin Centre... We cant manage them without them in active sites list.

@miloszlutnikbut now we can, we are able to see all the private channel sites (child sites) in Sharepoint Admin center... i would suggest trying and searching it once more you will find it....

@PDostiyar I searched the entire new SharePoiont online admin center again and can't see it anywhere. Can you explain me where i can find it? I checked active sites list (and filters there) and tryed to find it in all other places... looks like i need your help or somethin working wrong in my tenant.

@miloszlutnik   I don't see it either so I don't think it's anything you are doing wrong. When I did see it (for a few weeks several months ago) they just showed up in the Active sites list. This is where I would expect to see them.  We are a GCC tenant, so it's possible those in commercial are seeing it?

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We are business users with a commercial cloud version of M365 and we still don't see subsites on active sites, so the problem isn't here.

@miloszlutnikyep upon checking back today I also can't see any of the private channels sites "Child sites" in my Tenant though I was able to until last week, so maybe they have to hold it back.


so might need to wait and see if there is any updates on the roadmap for it, besides here is the link and some good information about private channel what you can do and what can't.