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I am trying to build a knowledge base in SharePoint. I will upload the documents in the library and then link them to the page. 

When I search it only searches by the document name. Is it a way to add search words so it will still bring up the document even though its not part of the file name? I tried enterprise keywords and thought it would work but its not working. 

Any assistance will be greatly appreciated. 

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Hello @Xeryar 


per default SharePoint indexed metadata and the content from a document, so you can search for metadata like name, and also for content, into the document.


See my printscreen, builded with PnP Modern Search Web Parts, the term that i search is not used as name, but i can find the document:




For a better help to you:

- Which search technolgie do you use?

- Have you an existing search center with queries? Let me see...


Best, Dave

@David Mehr I build a modern communication site. I am using the top box but it is only giving me results if i use the document name



Hello @Xeryar


same, when i use de Microsoft Search box it will be open the Search page with results, also included in the document content:




I write in your first post, you link documents in the page, are the documents not stored in the same site?


Best, Dave

Hi Dave,
The links are in knowledge base and the documents are stored in Managers corner which is a site library .