SharePoint Permissions, but could be me being an idiot...


Hi All,


First of all I think I should state that I'm probably missing something pretty obvious.


What I need to do is make the site "Members" unable to Add Column on a list.  I planned on changing the permission level from Edit to Contribute at the main Members Group Level but I was unable to do that, the option to "Edit User Permissions" under Modify when I select the group wasn't available.



I then broke the inheritance on a list and changed the permission level to Contribute like so:




But my member user can still Add Columns on the list.  Am I just being daft here?


*Edit to add.  Switching to Classic mode this works as expected.  So I guess my question is how do I disable the Add Column button in Modern Lists?


Any help greatly appreciated.





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Wow. Turns out that's just the way it is now according to:

I guess I can understand the thinking behind it, but I'm already getting clients who don't support this democratic style of collaboration!