SharePoint Online with Multilingual Communication sites comments issue



We have a Modern Communication site where we user he Multilingual feature. 
If a user comments on the page for their language you don't see the comment on the other languages pages. 


Anyone else came across this? Would thather have it in the original typed language than not displaying at all...


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Did you find a solution or how configure it?
Hi, sjoe, this is a year ago. I really cant remember. (:
The project was completed. I think the bottom line was comments do not get translated.
I actually think you don't see the comments on the different pages.
So you won't see the English on a french page and no french on an English page.

But all long ago so I cant really remember. (:
Hi, thanks for answering.
Don't worry, I know it's been quite a while ;). I’ve developed a flow to translate and add the comments in the rest of the languages ​​available on the site.