SharePoint Online: Term Sets split to multiple refiners?

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Hey there


I have a Term Set named "Level1". In that term set, I have a term that is called "Level2" and under that, I have several other terms - "Level3". In my SharePoint libraries, I'm using a column that is called "level3field" and is linked to the above term set.


Each of those terms has a corresponding id. With the SharePoint search, I figured that with the following queries I can get exactly the search results I'm looking for. E.g.:


  • GP0|#termid - Returns all items tagged with that term
  • GPP|#term id - Returns all items tagged with all child of the term
  • GP0|#0term id - Returns all items tagged with that term, but without the child terms
  • GTSet|#term set id - Returns all items tagged with a term from the term set



This is perfect if I know what to look out for. However, I would like to have those different levels show up as an individual refiner for each level. E.g.:


  • A Refiner that shows all "Level1" terms
  • A Refiner that shows all "Level2" terms
  • A Refiner that shows all "Level3" terms

Do you know if that is possible with the current setup? If not, what would I need to change? I would like to avoid to create 3 columns in my libraries, each with the same term set assigned even though the relation from parent-child of those terms would already exist and can be replicated in 1 column.


I created a mapped property for the column "level3field" and assigned it to the corresponding crawled property to get it as a refiner, but then I only see "Level3" terms (as this is the one that is filled as metadata into that column "level3field". There might be a case where I have to add the "Level2" metadata to the "level3field", but then again, everything would be beneath 1 refiner, instead of 3.


I would really appreciate your help.


Thanks and kind regards,

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