SharePoint Online Team Site with No Microsoft Office 365 Group

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A few months ago, I did create a new modern SharePoint Online Team site without Microsoft Office 365 Group option or Team Site (No Microsoft Office 365 Group).  Is there a way for me to re-add "Microsoft Office 365 Group" to this existing SharePoint Team Site?


Thank you. 

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Wait you said SharePoint Team sites, i guess you create an SharePoint Communication site which comes without M365 group or if that is a Classic SharePoint site, for the Classic though you can still connect it to an M365 group to use the group, Teams, Planner, and other features and here are the steps;

Open classic SharePoint site.
Click gear icon, select “Connect to new Office 365 Group”. ...
Click “Let's get started”.
Specify the group name. ...
Click “Connect group”.
Specify additional owners and members. ...
Click "Finish

for a communication site I don't think you have this option.

Hello PDostiyar,

Thank you for your response. The site I have is a SharePoint online "Team Site Template with No Microsoft Office 365 Group). It's not a "Communication" and it's not a Classic Team Site. This is a "STS#3".

Thank you.



Here you'll find the option. 




Thank you for the information. Unfortunately, I did not see the option "Connect to new ms 365 group" from the gear settings. I believe this was related to at the initial set (No MS office 365 Group)

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Hi @Vincent_Nguyen 

Are you a Sharepoint Admin? It's maybe hidden

For example, in a way to control the proliferation of Office 365 group, I've hidden the option

You can control it from the "classic settings" of your admin page


Select the "allow", save it, wait a bit (10 to 15 min) and the option will appear for a team site not connected to office 365 groups.

It's definitivelly posible. I've migrated 50 sites and add 365 groups several month after when we migrate to teams


Thank you. It shows up now under Settings. It's strange.