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When we search from the Intranet Home Page, file URLs in the search results are inconsistent.  Sometimes, the URLs are direct to the file, like<sitename>/Shared%20Documents/General/filename.docx

Those open in the local client (Edge) or are downloaded (Chrome).


Sometimes, the URLs include a "?d=<id>" attribute, like<sitename>/Shared%20Documents/General/filename.docx?d=<33-charac...

Those open in the browser (which we prefer).


If we refresh and search again a few times, a URL which was previously direct might now have a "?d=<id>" attribute or vice versa.


Research revealed that "?d=<id>" attribute possibly has something to do with the document ID feature used in durable links.  The document ID feature is not currently activated in our site collection features.


This issue does not affect search from a team or communication site home page or a library.  URLs in those search results are not constructed in the same way and always open in the browser.  We would like files in search results from the intranet home site page to open consistently in the browser as they do from other sites and library searches.


Can anyone tell us why the URLs in intranet home page search results are not constructed in a consistent manner and if there is anything we can do to correct this issue?



Jim Rinke

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