SharePoint Online List - Row Limit for Lookup

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Is there any row limit for a lookup column to lookup to? If yes, what is the threshold number?


For example, List A wants to set its field Country Lookup by looking up field Country from List B where Email from List A = Email from List BList B has 10k rows.


Below is the error message receive in List A.



Appreciate your help. Thanks

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@izzatdarani Historically (using Classic experience) the threshold for lookup of elements in a list has been 5.000 and as far as i know this has not changed.

Are both of your lists "Modern"?


Best regards, Magnus 

It's just what Magnus mitigate the problem, try to create indexes in the lists you are linking with the lookup column

@Magnus Goksøyr yes I'm using modern experience

I'd like to understand on how these indexes will help. Will it help if I set up the field "Email" as the index?