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When migrating from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint Online in Office 365, there is no more "Incoming E-Mail Settings" allowed on Document Libraries...

Which alternatives could be used to setup a list or site with E-mail interface, to allow attachment uploads to the list as before? (Do not want to use the "Site Mailbox" feature)

Some suggested to try the new Flow with Power-Apps, but how is this handled? We need to only save the attachments from emails into SharePoint, as was done before...

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Hi @Marius Smith


You could use groups and email the conversations email address: 


save to library.PNG


then the save to group library is available.


Of course it would be better if this could be done by default but as far as I know this option doesn't exist yet. Maybe a uservoice to get this option added would be useful.





Another approach is to start trying Teams you can write e-mails to Team channels and these e-mails are stored in the underlying document library. Take a look also at Flow possibilities since you can trigger a Flow when an e-mail is received in your inbox and do something on a SPO document library. As an example:

Great - Thanks Juan, we will try that - seems like an alternative to be considered in new setup and design.
Only issue then is, (as I understand it) creating new teams will Auto-generate separate Site-collections and it would thus only be possible to set this up in a new area and not within an already created Site-collection logical/functional existing substructure...
Any ideas around this?

We eventually used a service called Parserr to solve this problem ( Cannot believe Microsoft havent addressed this yet.


They are able to parse incoming emails, extract the body, cc, to etc as well as attachments and then push it up to SharePoint Online for us. 

We are starting to use Microsoft teams and I think this feature is now answering your need.


Next to your channel, there is a small menu. One item in there is called "Get email address". You can simply forward your email to this address and it will post in the channel conversation.


In addition to that, it will create a folder in your "Files" tab called "Email Messages" in which it will store the .eml file as well as the attachments.


Here is how I do it:

  1. Create Shared Mailbox in Exchange.
  2. Create Rules/Filters in OWA/Outlook so an email goes into a folder when received, like with attachment with whatever in the subject line.
  3. On your SharePoint Online Site directory, create a Flow. It will fetch the attachment in the filtered folder you created in Outlook, and put it in the directory in SharePoint as you desire.

Sounds easy, it is!...But it does take some work, I admit...a lot of parts to connect. Once I did it, I can do it my sleep now. But what a mess. You need Full Rights to the Exchange Shared Mailbox, a Flow license, and be an Owner in your SharePoint directory.

@Marius Smith - we have a cool app developed to get the Incoming Email experience in SharePoint Online libraries and OneDrive for Business. The app name is "Q-Upload". You can get this app either from the Microsoft App Source or directly from your SharePoint Online site using SharePoint Store. This gives you the same experience as the on-prem Incoming email functionality. In fact, much more than that. You can try this tool for Free for 30-days.

Let me know if any question.