SharePoint Online Facebook or YouTube Embed code not loading untill mouseover

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Hi All,


A strange things happened in last few days in SharePoint online. Earlier if I embed Facebook feed embed code in SharePoint Online it was working fine but now it is not showing until mouse over on that webpart. Please see the attached screenshot. Anyone have any idea if this is problem from MS or I am missing something? 

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Did you find a solution to this ? This is recently happening in multiple tenants.

@ClayJames : No I have not and thanks for commenting at least now I know it is not only my tenant which is affcted.

Hey mate - it is actually quite widespread.
i have been in touch with MSFT and have a weird workaround but it works :)
Stay with me as it is strange.

1/ Put your page in edit mode
2/ Remove the iFrame code from the web part - and replace with something like (I don't think this matters)
3/ Click somewhere outside the textbox - and then click Save as Draft or Republish button

And for some strange reason the embed web part will work correctly.
Hey James, It is nice that you have received a solution and thanks for sharing.

But unfortunately I could not follow you. Can you share a screenshot or the code you have placed inside the Embed box?

Many Thanks,
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No sure if a screenshot will help.
1/ Add the iFrame code to your embed web part like you normally would and publish your page. You will see the issue with the mouse over we are experiencing
2/ Place the page into edit mode, in the embed web part text box delete the iFrame code and replace with something like "" and then click the Republish button

For some reason it ignores the code you enters and displays the web part correctly using the previous iFrame code
Hi James,

Thanks for clarify. Yeah it is "working". Next time I edit the page and other webpart if I changed anything again I need to take care of this workaround because if I am changing something in Edit mode in other webpart it is going back with the problem.

MSFT giving this solution? hats Off!! Hope some permanent solution will be there soon.

It is not only FB or something. I have found whenever there is iFrame there is a problem. Like in File Viewer webpart also the PDF is not showing untill mouseover.

Thanks for sharing.
Yes you are correct - if you edit the page you need to keep applying this work around and it is for anything embeded. Happy to have it working but MSFT need to fix the underlying issue.

No problems :)

This is not working for me. Is there something I'm missing?  @ClayJames 

@ClayJames  It's not working for me, either.  Anybody else find a solution?  

I am also having this issue. Anybody get a Microsoft answer?
This fix worked for excel charts/graphs I have on my page using the embed web part. I changed the iframe text to just and without saving, clicked republish. Worked for all 4 of my charts on our dashboard page.

Crazy there isn't an actual fix for this from Microsoft considering it really hurts your ability to create dashboards for your clients/customers.
This issue is actually a problem that Microsoft support has acknowledged, and their engineers are working on a fix over the next couple of months.