SharePoint Online - Document (Content Organizer) Routing Frequency from Drop Off Library

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We are using the Content Organizer feature in SharePoint Online, in a team site (no O365).

How often does the routing of documents from our Drop Off Library to their final destinations occur?

Is there a way using PowerShell to increase  the frequency so that documents are routed immediately, or at least once an hour?


Also, is there a web location where these boundaries and limits are stated for SharePoint Online?

Thank you

ps. on-premise we can control this frequency.

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Unfortunately Microsoft has never documented the run frequency for the Timer Jobs that are running behind the scenes. A good assumption I have always done is that at least they are executing at the same frequency at the equivalent jobs onprem. Bad news here are that normally we don't have a way to force the execution of those jobs
Is there PowerShell or C# (CSOM?) code that can be written to submit documents that are in a drop off library, basically mimicking manual submissions? Or possibly a Power Automate approach?
We ended up mimicking the DOL functionality ourselves in code to overcome this issue.