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Hi Everyone, I'm working in SharePoint Online, Office 365, and am fairly new to the SharePoint platform. I was hoping this group could help me figure out the best way to accomplish the following (I understand that Project 365 will accomplish a lot of this, but unfortunately it's not in the cards for my team to add the subscription at this point and the dashboards that are free for project 365 dashboards aren't really what were looking for) I'd like to accomplish the following: - Parent site that's the departments Project Management Office - The projects we are all working on as a team would be sub sites with their own document library, issues, risks, integrated task list with Microsoft Project 2016 etc. - Creating the first two items (parent & sub sites) are the easy part, what I then need to do is create a dashboard on the home page of the parent site that provides summarized information for each project. Ideally, I'd like to have the sub sites feed information to a condensed project list on the parent site so I can create dashboards with that list. Is this even possible? I have Sharepoint designer, infopath, visual studio etc. to help me meet this goal but I'm so new at this I don't even know where to start and again have pretty limited knowledge. I'm not sure if anyone can help with ideas or point me in the right direction/to additional websites but I would greatly appreciate the help! Thank you in advance! Ashley

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Hi @Deleted,


The best options are to create a search web part that displays the list of subsites.


This might not be too easy though if you are completely new to SharePoint.


The short steps are:


1. create a new page

2. Add a search web part

3. Configure a query to just show sub sites.

4. Add a search box web part

5. Add a refiner web part. 


Then you might want to create some custom display templates if you want to control how the sites are displayed.

To add to the steps provided by @Pieter Veenstra, you may also want to create Content Types (these allow you to bundle together site columns (metadata fields)) that can be used to ensure consistency across projects and to filter/refine search results. see to get started with that. 


Bottom line, start simple and iterate as you get experience and feedback from the PMs.